space to Operate

Looking to use our extensive experience within the world of hospitality construction and with a need to guide clients away from repeated costly mistakes, as part of our 360-degree approach to the process we initiated a focus on the operational aspects of hospitality.

The industry is a mix of business types, from thoroughbred operators within large, well-financed firms to groups of people looking for a change in career or working within small venues without the exposure to the ever-changing and challenging world of hospitality.

To help guide and support, we work closely with experienced Front-of-House teams and Kitchen Managers who can go into businesses and see where the operation needs advice, guidance and support. We work with our clients to identify where a business needs for example to change the suppliers or offer or our support to set in place the foundations of the business in its infancy so the right processes are in place.

To exhibit and demonstrate these services, we created a series of our own bars and restaurants, Nest in the North restaurant and Flight Bar are some examples of where you can see our work in action.

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