Ramside Treehouses


Having worked alongside Ramside Estates for over 20 years, we were tasked with helping the client redefine their very successful main business by developing a new area of accommodation and flexible experiences. Using a growing trend on the market, the client was keen to capitalise and create a new set of ‘treehouses’.  From the ‘battleship’ houses for upto 12 people to a more boutique experience of an A Frame for up to 4 people. The main element and a much used cliché – the client wanted the WOW factor. The key, to create an immersive experience you would not find at home. Each treehouse was to have a different interior.


We nestled unique shaped structures within the woodland to the boundary of the site and clad them in materials that complimented the backdrop and deliberately but slowly age. The interiors of the Battleships became flexible hire spaces allowing different sized groups and function uses from small weddings to team building weekends. The spaces escapist with champagne luxury. From Emperor fur covered beds, to dual showers and hot tubs on the balconies with high end integrated kitchens with chefs for hire for a personal party. The landscaping became the interior and elevated walkways lead you into a timber clad get away.


With occupancy levels near 90% a majority of the time, the client has commissioned a further 28 to be considered and developed.

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