The Impeccable Pig, Sedgefield


The brief from John Adamson was to transform the old Grade Il listed Hope Inn pub into a beautiful restaurant serving bistro style food and fine wines, with 10 rooms in the coach house at the back of the building, and a pub at the front that is welcoming to guests, locals and travellers alike. This project was to have a lot of character. With the name ‘The Impeccable Pig’ we were to make this one standout from the crowd in Sedgefield and feel warm and inviting to clientele.


Working within a listed building within a sensitive conservation area made expanding the venue into a commercially viable venue challenging and pushed both the boundaries of the architecture and fabric of the existing building. Exposing the previous existence of the structure allowed hidden features to be explored and enhanced, giving rise to a mid-level exposed fireplace, lending itself well to the village pub feel we were keen to maintain.

We commissioned Amy Dover to illustrate him for the brand identity as a well-travelled, Victorian gentleman in the form of an “impeccable” pig and form three huge portraits of him. We created human characteristics for him, and a tone of voice for the project that flows through every piece of the customer journey.


The results were an interesting space with unique features, including three commissioned artworks, a horseshoe shaped bar, glazed atrium, bespoke marble floor, vintage leather ribbed oval seats, marble tables, a canopy of olive branches and fairy lights, emerald green drapes, black wrought iron balustrade with gold highlights and polished brass rails, 14-seater dining mezzanine area with suspended canopy of wisteria, a handmade table and an imported French mural.

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