Longsands Fish Kitchen


A first venture for the client away from mechanical engineering and a chance for them to play, we looked at converting a small bakery into a dual-purpose fish kitchen – a high-end fish restaurant with a traditional takeaway. The brief, just make it look amazing!


The space itself was too small for what the client required and for how a traditional fish and chip shop needs to work. The back of house area far larger than the front of house area. Having worked within the industry for many years with different operators we understood the operation. First we needed to extend the property, a challenge and concern of the client. They wanted to use all the space for the customer. An honest discussion brought realisation into the actual need for the supporting spaces. Employing a leading chef in the North East compounded the result.

After we worked the back areas and ensured we had sufficient covers to maintain the business model commercially, we then looked at the interior. Stepping away from trends and what was in fashion (what is in fashion goes out of fashion) and looking towards the raw nature of the operation and unique food offers within the restaurant, we opted for a simple colour pallete and honest use of materials with longevity in mind. Recycled fishing boat timbers were used for counter faces, upgraded marine lighting rehomed. Newly formed cast concrete raised floors were polished with a seashell fossil aggregate and sweeping trowel effect to mimic waves were used. The new roof extension timberwork exposed and protected and workings of the mechanical left exposed.


Alongside the popular produce provided by skill full team, the award winning space is still fresh and has stood the test of time. Aside from occasional fresh paintwork to the exterior due to the salty, corrosive weather, the space is untouched.

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