Boclair House, Glasgow


This was to be the clients’ largest development to date and a chance for them to showcase to the industry their true arrival into luxury hotels within the affluent and competitive area of Glasgow. Having worked alongside Manorview Hotels from their inception over 15 years ago, we have seen them become a dominant force in the market. Boclair House was a very important project. The budget was deemed secondary to the client experience and the uniqueness of the interior. They wanted something not seen before, but would ‘last 100 years’!


To look to the past to understand the future. Our research into the true houses of luxury took us around the world and through time as we selected the key elements of luxury and style. Over 6 months was spent on research alone as we targeted each space within the heavily listed structure. Dealing with the architecture in house we were challenged by the authorities, build materials and methods and generally how to deliver the essence of these houses with the costs and labour forces of the modern day. The key we discovered was the detail. The small elements in the finishes that when grouped together gave a space worthy of the surrounding building.


A multiple award-winning space that met the clients’ expectations and was within budget. Each area is tailored in its approach maximising the impact while minimising the cost. In-built flexibility of the spaces in the early development stages, allowing the business to be fluid its approach to suit the customers’ requests. Overall, the venue runs at a high capacity and has even been featured on television. (if Ant & Decs prize giveaway counts)

Photography by Lisa Lee.

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