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Innishmohr, Glasgow

Pub interior design

Completely re-branded and refurbished with a stylish, contemporary look, yet retaining its distinctive character, the Innishmohr Bar in Coatbridge has recently re-opened following a fast track project which has resulted in an impressive transformation.

The interior was fully re-decorated, new decorative sections of timber planking were added to the walls and new doors were fitted throughout. “There was also a lot of exposed brickwork in the venue, but this was quite plain and new-looking, so we gave it a specialist finish to create a more rustic feel,” said Mike Simmons of Space I.D.

The original timber flooring was replaced with new, and the original flooring was recycled to create bespoke furniture. New tiling has also been laid around the bar

Three new seating booths on a raised dais were installed opposite the bar and a new DJ console was also added.

The bar’s snug area features a combination of leather and fabric upholstered wing-backed chairs and a low table and there is also a sports area with a large flat screen TV and a pool table.