Commerce House Middlesbrough



Working with a large-scale investment vehicle we were commissioned to provide interior design services to a dilapidated office block within the financial district of Middlesborough. The aim to provide serviced offices with the latest technology and security within a high-end environment but a tight budget and delivery timeframe.


We looked at current thinking in the marketplaces of New York, Singapore, Dubai and of course, London to see what flavoured interiors businesses were aspiring to the higher end of the market. We then adopted a neutral colour scheme to allow the individual brands to stand out within the complex and utilised a timeless pallet of materials and finishes. Longevity was key, so in high-traffic areas, we specified vinyl-backed wallpapers and timber panelling. Always key is the lighting so in transitional areas we looking to use mood lighting and layered these task lighting. Energy-saving LEDs in Passive Infra Red sensors and a DALI system were key to both the feel but also the energy-saving needs of modern-day users. Offices maintained the required Lumen levels for safe working practices.


The success of the development can be seen not just in the 100% occupancy level, but also with surrounding businesses including the local authority wishing to use the spaces and most significantly the Wall Street style boardroom.

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